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 Natural resources
  Renewable resources
   Inexhaustible resources
    No renewable resources
     Economic importance
      Biologic importance


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They are the set of raw materials, energies and existing means of production in the nature that can be used and be operated by the man, this talks about to things or phenomena that have utility and require effort to obtain themselves. Through history the natural resources have modified depending at the time at which they were used this must to different factors:

  1. Poblation   
  2. Tecnologies   
  3. The cultural ways of use for each resource   
  4. The natural resources conform their shortage have been changing their valuation increasing it drastically, but also it has a biological importance since if some resource finishes all the alive beings we were affected; an example of this is the airborne contamination since on her all alive being depends like the one of the water that at the moment to the being but escaza its economic value has increased (as much that at the moment many have denominated him “blue gold” by their high value).

Renovable resources

Usually they are the alive organisms, because they grow and the fauna and the flora renew like for example. These renew in each cycle and also it requires an investment and effort for its constant renovation thus for example the forests and the animal used by the man.

The inexhaustible resources

They are those resources that they pretend to be inexhaustible, without concerning the amount of productive activities that the human being realises with them as well as it is it the solar energy, which although is impossible his exhaustion this one is possible. Of equal way in which the air at some time can be exhausted if we did not take care to cooperate for the production of the same.

No renewable resources

They are those resources that are run out. Between these they are the minerals, as much metals and chemical agents that they are directly of industrial use, as they are it the fossil fuels (coal, gas, petroleum, disturb, etc). The mining provided the materials on which many of the civilizations of the past were based and many of the present ones.

Economic importance

The economic importance is in which it stops any economic system must reunite three factors which are earth (natural resources and raw material), work (manpower, human effort) and capital (financial Resources, infrastructure and technology). If some of these three factors is not present, a production is not carried out. The natural resources are high-priority then without them is not possible the existence of any type of activity economic and much less to maintain a as complex system as the one who today we have, sees the possibility of promoting a viable economic system, this means the operation of the natural resources accompanied by its renovation; an example is the operation of the forests accompanied by the action of planting new trees.

Biologic Importance

The environment is the source of all the natural resources used by the today man, and is indispensable to have an attitude of defense, protection and improvement towards him. The natural resources have great importance for the family, because they make the satisfaction possible of the vital needs like the feeding, the dress, the footwear, the health and the house… We can classify the natural resources in two great groups: renewable natural resources and nonrenewable natural resources.


Raw materials:Extracted materials of the nature and that become to make consumer goods.

Population:He is a group of organisms of a species in particular, that lives in a geographic area, or space, and whose number of inhabitants is determined normally by a census.

Technology: It is the set of technical knowledge, ordered scientifically, that allow to design and to create goods or services that facilitate the adaptation to means and to satisfy the needs with the people

Resources: Goods, wealth or means of any type that are used to carry out an aim.

Inexhaustible:That it is not possible to be finished or to be exhausted, that lasts much or that gives much of himself.

No renewable: Esto significa que se llegan a agotar, o que tardan mucho en regenerarse.

Culture:It is the set of all the forms, the models or the landlords, explicit or implicit, through which a society regulates the behavior of the people conform who it. As so it includes customs, practices, codes, norms and rules of the way to be, clothes, religion, rituals, norms of behavior and systems of beliefs.

Energy:It is a property associated to the objects and substances and it is pronounced in the transformations that happen in the nature.

Nature:phenomena of the physical world, and also to the life generally. Generally it does not include the artificial objects nor the human intervention, unless is described it so that it makes reference to it.


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